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#140169 - his step mom came back for a min and then left after that me and him had started kissing again then he stood up and I unbuttoned his pants and reviled his cock and started to put it in my mouth and started to plesher him and he said I think im wet enough so I undid my pants and lowered them plus my thong and I laid down and he lowered himself on top of me and then I felt a big hard push and I knew he had popped my chary he started to move faster and faster in and out of me and we looked into each others eyes and after a while I was over come with the biggest sensation I had ever experienced I had cummed and not long after I felt him push all the way in and stop and then him worm cum in me we got up and got dressed and then I had to go so I went home and got on the computer and talked to him and I asked him , did u like that? And he said hell yes!! He said I have had some sick blowjobs but u put the chary on the cake u are the best that made me happy.

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Haruka koga
Thank you so much that means a lot
Do you guys need someone to make your titles have some sense
Miu matsuoka
Minecraft is better than porn
He lasted 60 seconds but you are the one who is not getting anything so you watch porn 60 seconds is better than none
Allen walker
I would love sucking his cock anywhere