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#128625 - I smiled and said I would go find her, and I did still tied to the lounge chair and some kid of about 15 or 16 was using her as a urinal, he was pissing on her face, as she struggled to get free from her bonds, when he saw me he instantly got scared and apoligized, but saying the sign said free and he had always wanted to try it. Then the boy who said his name was Kevin, was offered her pussy and being a normal teenager he all but ran over to her and pushed his cock in her with one stroke, while he was fucking her we all sat back to watch this young boy fuck a piece of pussy from his second girl in his life, according to Kevin his momma was his first but she was so loose he never really felt anything when he fucked her. I told her she should cherish the moment, because it maybe the only time she is thanked for anything on this trip.

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