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#61920 - I knew I was in deep shit so i pulled my shorts back up and went to her room , the door was open a tiny bit I I could see her getting changed I noticed I had a tent in my shorts so jacked of quickly looking at her beautiful body and boobs and quickly pulled then up again I knocked on and entered she screamed and said don't look so I did as she said, she then said I want words with you I nearly shit my self there and then. I started headed back to my room when Lucy said oi chum there plenty more of that where that came from same time same place tomorrow? I nodded a little to eagerly but she didn't seem to mind. Morning soon came and mum and dad soon left, so I went to check on Lucy , she was all packed and ready to go, the phone rang and Lucy ran to get it it was her friend Emma she didn't talk long but I could tell by her face she wasn't happy, I asked her what was up and she told me emma was ill and she couldn't stay, I was disappointed but happy a

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