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#172809 - ) Neither of us had considered any of this before, but seeing as how the scores lined up it was natural that we'd try it. It reckoned: 99% Non-monogamist 92% Voyeur 88% Submissive 70% Experimentalist 62% Exhibitionist 61% Rope Bunny 58% Degradee 48% Slave 33% Primal (Prey) 31% Brat 27% Switch 27% Vanilla 25% Rigger 20% Degrader 18% Dominant 17% Masochist 14% Primal (Hunter) 13% Master/Mistress 12% Brat Tamer 10% Girl/Boy 8% Daddy/Mommy 8% Owner 4% Pet 3% Ageplayer 1% Sadist Some of its conclusions, I might argue with, I think I'm pretty vanilla really, but it doesn't. Kennedy went and fetched the desk positioning it like yesterday.

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Patricia thompson
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Shinnosuke tsuji
So hot and the best tits i have ever seen