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#289184 - When she had totaly engulfed him, both of them sucked in their breath and just looked each other in the eye, neither one willing to make the first move, until finally, Krista lifted her hips and began driving the big pecker in and out of her dripping slit. Oh Benny, you haven't lost your touch, she gushed, you still know how to ring my bell! Afraid of offending Sarah, Ben tried not to move his hips for fear that she think he was actually enjoying the fucking Krista was giving him, bit that too was futile, because no matter what he felt about her, Krista had always been a great fuck and this time was no exception! Her cunt muscles gripped his pecker, trying to milk his cum from his bulging ball sack, as his head rolled from side to side while looking Sarah in the eye and mouthing the words I'm sorry, before turning his attention back to Krista! Slowly he began matching her movements, trying to get into her rhythm, and after several fits and starts, he caught up to her a

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