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#246424 - First let me tale you about me I'm 23 black male 6ft 195 muscular I'm in college and work as a dishwasher for a wine bar in northern Florida I have been working with this guy named Joe( hipster covered in tattoos very skinny) for atlease 4 weeks now and We became close we would smoke weed together and chilled all the time But only at our job but this time I went to his house it was a really nice house By the beach very relaxful so when we got there he introduced me to his girl friend Kate (she was a little on the chunky side but her eyes and smile could pull any man in) So after a few hours of smoking and drinking wine someone knocked on the door my ex Rachel (she was curvy and had some big tits) things just started getting weird after that She started make out with joe being the man I am I got upset and began to stand up and When I did they both dropped to their knees and started to rub my cock though my Shorts I got hard immediately (I really never th

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