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#111835 - When he was satisfied, Chad came strolling back to where Captain Nick & I had been chatting, suggesting we needed to get back to the beach for the start of the swim wear photo session & as we had stayed later than expected for lunch I might need to help Samantha out and model some of the swimwear. April said OK but I choose the clothes; we need to keep some of these items as they are the only samples. Slowly retracting & licking around and under the head of that magnificent cock was making me extremely wet & I needed my pussy cleaned of the excess juice begging to run down my legs, I called to Chad for assistance and as he put his camera down on the floor he slipped in between my legs pulling the tiny G to the side before placing his mouth over my cunt & inserting his tongue, I was in heaven, a big cock down my throat & a delightful tongue up my cunt, I was coming like a freight train in no time at all & Chad managed to catch it all on his camera.

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Rentarou satomi
If i was in that airplane id fucking tell the piot to stop or land so i can go and fuck her
Rally vincent
Would have love to see some atm and 1 of u swallowing his cum