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#87781 - The first girl was a girl named steph who was about 5’4” light skin, big brown eyes, with long hair and a small petite body her and Dontay had been dating since he was a freshman and she was in 8th grade, now he was a senior and she was in 11th grade. His best friend Dontay sipped his Gatorade and said “why cant females ever be on time man I swear”, “ha-ha isn’t that that the truth” responded Zodais ready to answer back to him when he saw the front door of the bright blue house open and saw the most beautiful woman stepped out. After everybody showered they all sat down and watched the newest version of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” during the movie Dontay and Steph were cuddling on the couch and started kissing Dontay pulled the cover off the back of the couch and placed it over him and steph and continued kissing Ashleigh and Zodais were still watching the movie even though they knew what was going on they decided not to be nosy and to give them some private time.

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You are like alvays the best
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She looks so hot