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#405143 - “Ohhhhhhhh, John,” Ellyn cried, “she’s absolutely perfect, I can hardly wait to get her out of her clothes!!!” “Come in, dear,” John said to the tiny Japanese woman who was standing nervously in the foyer of the large suburban home of the John and Ellyn Wexman, “as you heard my wife is very happy to see you, and of course I am, too!!!” Taking their visitor by the arm, John led her into the family room in the rear of the house, and after pouring drinks for everyone asked, “So, Kira, are you sure you want to go through with it, we don’t want you to feel pressured into doing something you don’t want to do!?!” The little Asian took a sip of her wine, and after a moments hesitation replied softly, “I’m very happy to be here and am anxious to do you bidding!!!” The Wexmans gave each other lustful glances, and then after finishing off her drink, Ellyn Wexman went over to their visitor and kissed her gently on the mouth while letting her hands roam all over Kira’s pregnant belly!!! “H-how many

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