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#289686 - Joel said to me “Would you like to get Dressed up as a little Girl” “OH Yes Joel I would love to dress up as a little Girl for my Daddy”, So Joel said “The first thing we need is for Crissy to come into my Office so no one can see us and Daddy can sit down and relax as I dress you Crissy”, so we went into his Office and Joel said, “Crissy Take all your Clothes off, as I want to see what my little Boy,Oops Girl looks like Naked”, Daddy said “Oh Yes come on Crissy do what Joel Wants”, so I slowly took all my Clothes off and Joel came over to me and started to run his soft smooth hands over my naked body right down over my cute little Bum. Then Tim said “ How is that Lovely Little Boy of Yours” Daddy replied Oh ! as soon as his Mummy moves out and goes and lives with her Lesbian Sister which I Love seeing them both together FUCKING with their Strap-On Dildos I shall be letting Little Crissy sleep in bed with me and the best part is I shall have him NAKED all the Time”. Then Daddy le

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