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#249124 - Winter came quickly, round about the middle of September actually when Uni started again and that's when I met Katherine, very unexpectedly she came to my digs, well it was a tiny self contained one bedroom flat half way up a grey anonymous medium rise block where the stairwells stink of piss and the lifts never work. Oh, she said, I see. Sorry Anton, she said, fucking sorry she was the one with the black eye.

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Ellen kohagura
My nigga shaves his bellybutton for this
Mikiya kokutou
She is really cute and hot girl i love black hot girls
Her voice and her flexibility has made her as popular as she is we love her voice lol not for everyone i guess
Horizon ariadust
Good one
Lunar edomae
This acting role playing was dog shit if you thought this was good then your on something