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#81967 - “angie, I am going to lick your private area now, if it starts to hurt tell me ok?” “Ok” So I start to lick her pussy, and she start making with low pitch sequel, I’m pretty sure she likes it, so I start to insert my finger into her pussy, while I am licking it. “I am really sorry, the only reason it hurts is because your still a virgin” I explained She stops crying after a while and asks, “what’s a virgin?” “Somebody who hasn’t had sex before” I said “What’s sex” she asks “Sex? Oh sex is something very magical, and it makes you feel real good” “ it feels good? Could we do sex?” she asks Jackpot” I thought to myself. “Angie” I said, “shouldn’t you get into your bath now, it’s getting late” “Okay!” she squealed happily, and went off to the bathroom.

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