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#151710 - “Okay, okay, Julieta!” Mercy pulled her arm away from Julieta’s tight grip. “He’s probably going to jack off in the garage, there’s a bathroom there” replied Julieta already walking out of the shrubs, “Come on, let’s follow him” “What if we get caught?” “It’s too dark for anyone who isn’t used to this darkness to see more than a few feet away, he won’t see us, just keep quiet” “But I… I don’t want to get caught, Julieta” “Puta, Mercy, don’t you want to see a big dick instead of what June has? I know I want to see one, Ricardo’s wouldn’t even compare to his!” Ricardo was Julieta’s boyfriend, he was only a college student but he had skills in the bedroom that Julieta wanted, but the size of his dick was just an average five inches, something that short would never fully satisfy a bitch like her. It was her who casted the spell that made Carlota’s father fall from the stairs and suffer every night from nightmares.

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Sae niijima
Would love to enjoy a boat trip one time but i am a bad swimmer
Natsuki sakaki
Saved my opinion
Masato hijirikawa
Amber is the perfect fuck period however i gotta say that tattoo she got is fucking horrible wtf is it even