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#139540 - Lyn and Lou were laying when we joined them, his cock still wet with juices, Gretchen sucked it dry as I licked Lyn's pussy and ass, then Gretchen told Lou what I did to her, he sat up, and she then said, later you're going to fuck my ass, while I have his cock in my pussy, you could walk though the smile on his face. As Lyn moved away, I went down licking up Lou's cum, also kissing Gretchen as I did, she kissed back, as more cum was fed to her, Lou stood watching us play in his juices, then I went down and ate Gretchen's pussy with my cum in it, then with a mouth full kissed Gretchen again, this time dropping all my cum into her mouth, she swallowed the lot, Lyn sucked Lou's cock dry. Once at the caravan, I threw a large rug on the grass, as too many people for inside the van, and grabbed my poppers and lube, Sue was once more riding Ricks cock, as Lyn sat on Lou's cock, both woman now touching boobs etc too, as Gretchen waited for her first dp, I put some lube on my cock an

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Rumi matsuura
This made me nut so hard id love ta feel those big lips on my dick an cover ur pretty face with cum
Grrrrrr 3
I know i will lose but i still want a handjob at least