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#37241 - Less than 10 meters away we stopped , I though he’s about to say goodnight but he dragged me to a dark corner and told me to kneel then he pulled out his cock , told me to open my mouth and shoved it inside , he let a moan and after a few seconds pulled his cock out of my mouth and jerk in front of my face as I stick out my tongue and reach out for his balls with it, in a minute he held my head with one hand as the other jerks his cock then he came in my face, smearing the come all over with his dick then shoving it inside my mouth for a good mouth cleaning. Dado was surprised to see me as I got inside the van , I told him everybody in the family are sleeping and I need a cock and that it’s been almost 6 months since my husband left for abroad. I was left along with Maria to wash and clean the things dinner had left and after an hour passed , Aaron came back stinking with liquor and told me to join them.

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