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#90293 - Now he came near my stomach and smooched and licked all over and now he made me to kneel down and take his cock in my mouth and I touched his huge cock and is bigger fat cock and I licked it and the unwashed cock is sweaty and his precum tasted Soo good and it made me mad and I started to blow it so hard he was so much enjoyed and I done it so hard I can't make him cum and now I sucked his cock and he deepthorated inside my mouth and I can't breath and started to gasp and he went on fucking in I can't bear it and he took it out and went of doing this and I swallowed his huge monster testicles in my mouth and now he shooted a huge load of precum which is so thick and like milky and sticky cum and I drank it like a slut and I was shocked to see his cock still hard and now he made me to spread my legs wider and now he licked all over my milky white thighs and licked with his hard tongue all over and he sucked all over my sexy legs and kissed it and sucked my finger toes. Then onwards men

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