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#5489 - Following his instructions to the letter she changed buses several times in route. Someone is starting to probe her wet little cunt, at first she has no idea what it is? The object is a long necked wine bottle that is forcefully pushed into her tight little cunt stretching it! The bottle is then pushed harder and harder yet again until it can go no more, the pain of the neck hitting her cervical membrane along with the incredible stretching has left her cum filled eyes wide with terror, just before it is jerked out! The first of several enormous cocks now start probing her juicy and well dilated cunt as another mans large half limp cock slowly starts to force its way into her sweet pink little mouth past the gaudy red lipstick! She could feel it come to life and start to harden almost chocking her as he grabs her head and holds her forcefully down onto his dick! They both in unison penetrate her as she is impaled at either end, the m

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