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#223133 - Carol the shop assistant heard Sally talking and said I am sorry you can’t do that for health reasons, but the girls did it anyway. “Nah, good idea, Frank and Mary are always available and I am sure John and Sue will probably want to bring Trevor along with them, does not hurt to have a little reserve on your team, we can get to play that way and the girls don’t feel left out”, “sounds great, I am sure Jan will be more than interested” I replied. Upon arriving home Sally proceeded to put some music on whilst Peter played host and arranged for our drinks to be poured, we gathered in the lounge room just as the doorbell rang, first to arrive was Sue, John and their friend Trevor whose eyes simply lit up upon meeting Jan, I noticed Jan look at Trevor’s crotch a smile appeared on her lips “definite interest there I thought to myself”, Carol was next to arrive carrying a small black doctors bag and I immediately found that her short blonde hair extenuated the length of her slender nec

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