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#112598 - While she was still hot, I slide the 10 inch vibe up her pussy, causing her to jump, but soon respond back as her second orgasm followed, I had fun keeping her high, as I slipped a finger in her butt, again she jumped, but I told her to relax, and take a sniff of the poppers. I let her settly a bit then said on your knees, my cock went deep in her pussy and slipped the dildo back in her butt, that was it, her orgasm now ran free, with my spare hand I held her hips pulling her back hard as my cock rammed into her body, watching her take another good sniff, I knew the time was right, I pulled the dildo out, replacing it quickly with my cock, she turned and looked at me, a smile a mile wide, as her orgasm began once more, that was it, I fucked as hard as possible my balls now banging against her butt, as she went from one orgasm to another. Pauline slowed, most likely tried, but when I handed her the other dildo, and said stick that in too, she made a weird noise, but trusting my

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