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#128880 - I knew she was able to take a fair bit in her, after seeing her being fisted before, but when she gave a huge grown and lowered herself down to within an inch or so of my elbow, I knew we had created a sex slut. Once she had regained control, she turned Kim, grabbed our 12 inch dildo and fucked her pussy hard, forcing all 12 inches in, because it's so thick, Kim had a bit of trouble, but once she took a sniff of the poppers and Sue gave it one hard push, she took it all, then I grabbed our other 12 inch dildo, and rammed that right in her butt, both toys disappeared fully inside this young girls holes, as she screamed out another huge orgasm, One of the guys face fucked her, as she took all we could force into her, then just for a laugh, I grabbed my 10 inch vibe, and with little effort eased it into her butt, which was still full of the 12 inch monster, Kim moved forward, but was stopped by the guy in her mouth, as I forced more in, her arse opening up to take it, guys w

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