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#302611 - I turned a corner and found a secluded spot where I could still get a glimpse of Alex and Darren as they chatted through the glass wall surrounding the cafe and took a seat by a fountain. The next day we strolled into a fancy 5-star hotel where Alex agreed to meet Darren for coffee, she looked cute and classy in her red and floral, white print, V neck, summer dress, and white sandals while I chose to dress down a bit, sticking to a pair of simple dark, blue, hipster jeans, and a pink, singlet/tank top with black and silver sandals. He was smartly dressed in black business trousers and a blue collared shirt that was tucked in, his hair was short and dark, he had a light beard and piercing brown eyes.

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Every woman needs to do this everyday
Guan yinping
Sexy as fuck
Yuuko sagiri
My mans blown away lmao