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#233656 - Nate pushed me back down on to my lounge, and said relax, Jackson pulled my panties off and sniffed them, saying man she smells sweet, I watched as Nate pulled his black cock out it was a good 10 inches long and thick, I looked up at it and saw pre-cum dripping out of the head, Nate said that he and Jackson were jacking off as they looked at me asl**p and they were both horny now, I felt Jackson push my legs apart, pushing them wide open he started to kiss the inside of my legs, up and down, back and forth, I closed my eyes and let out a soft moan, Nate took my hand bringing it up to his hard cock. Later that night when my husband and I went to bed he moved close to me and I felt his hard cock push against me, my pussy was so sore from taking all that cock, so I moved a bit and his cock slipped into my ass hole, he moved close to me and said honey your pussy feels so tight tonight, as he pumped my ass, as he fucked my ass I could hear his friends in the other room, talking, I wante

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