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#300851 - For some 20 minutes he took all she could give, then they changed, Kim got on her knees and Stuart began to fuck her pussy, then her arse, I also saw they took a few sniff of my poppers, now I know why it seemed to run out quicker than before, without realising my cock was rock hard, and I had been wanking myself while I watched them. Then Sue pulled back, the didlo dropped out,in one quick move she lay on the bed, Stu still fucking her arse, as I sat over her fist, with one good shove I went down to her elbow, my cock shot up, cum splashed out, over Sue's face, Kim kissed and licked it off, as I rode myself hard, waiting for the big finnish, With one or two strokes my cock exploded, Kim and Sue both trying to swollow it all, as they turned kissing deeply, Stu grabbed my hips his cock slid right in, it felt good, then he to jerked and began to seed my butt with hot sticky cum, he must have liked it, as 4 or 5 good squirts filled my innerds, as his cock slipped out, I moved

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