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#68274 - Around 9AM the guest started to arrive and make them selves comfortable in the backyard on the grass striping of all their clothes and starting a sexual orgy binding and torturing the girls that they had brought with them, wives, girlfriend, sisters, daughters, and in some cases mothers, after a lot of sex and sexual torture taking care to use a very large dildo to fuck her ass open enough for stuffing, it was time to get Molly spitted we picked her up and placed her on the picnic table her anus was open wide and you could see all the way down inside of her, Stacey then started to take handfuls of stuffing and packed her intestines with as much as she could hold Molly was stuffed with 6 bowls of the best stuffing Stacey had ever made and Molly looked like she was nine months pregnant, We wont be gutting you before we want you to last as long as possible Stacey said to Molly as we moved her from the picnic table over to the specially designed spitting jig that Jason had modified from

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