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#177705 - The next thing I knew mom was telling Jane that they would stay with us, Jane should file for a divorce, and we should all five of us stick together for the remainder of the voyage. Gail looked at Emily and said, “Okay! Should you let your parents know where you are?” Emily smiled and said, “I should but they probably aren’t there anyway! I saw them with another couple! My parents are swingers! They wife-swap and everything!” Gail said, “Wow! That sounds exciting!” Emily said, “Once I saw them! Mom was sitting on this guy’s cock and eating his wife’s snatch while my dad was butt fucking her!” Gail said, “No way!” Emily said, “Oh yeah! I saw it all! It was her boss and his wife! I have known them for years! He tried to feel me up once but I told him that I was a lesbian and then I told him to fuck off!” Gail said, “Wow!” Emily smiled and said, “Then he tried to hook me up with his wife but he wanted to watch so I told him to fuck off again!” So anyway Emily spen

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Looks more like milf than teen to me but anyways thumb up
High priest
Damn she got two explosions out of mt with that if she was actually riding my cock like that would of probably been three holy fuck