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#394278 - He would get me to dress slutty when we went out, especially to public places He would be in complete control of me and that just seemed to make me even more hot and horny every time. Many women even then wanted to be naked, submissive and on their knees to male or even female dominants! We talked about a school thing like this and that wouldn't be incredible if something like this actually existed we had heard that there was a White Slut Training Academy actually operating on the east coast in westchester co. An Exchange Student Gets Some Real Sex Education! As an old guy, who has resisted a bank card, a cell phone and the internet, finally has all three! The internet wow, what can I say, it has everything from the best to the worst instantly, and of most interest to me has been all of the porn sites! After being married to a wonderful woman for over 40 yrs and enjoying some incredible kinky sex with her I had recently started writing about her fantasy's and o

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