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#102993 - Christopher Hopkins traded his ticket in for another cruise and his place is being taken by a Miss Andersen!!! Ingrid slumped onto the bed and mumbled, That's just great, now I've gotta share my room with a stranger, and seconds later she fell into a deep sleep!!! She didn't know how much time had passed, but she was roused awake by the sound of the shower running in the bathroom!!! Momentarily she worried that someone had broken into her room, but groggily she remembered the purser mentioning something about her having a bunk mate for the trip, so slowly she crept over to the bathroom door and while knocking softly said, I'm sorry I was asleep, but my name is Ingrid Engstrom!!! From the other side of the door she could hear the water stop running and someone reply, Come on in, I'm just finishing up in here!!! Gingerly Ingrid pushed open the door only to be faced with one of the most beautiful women she had ever seen in her life!!! Water was still dr

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White len
Wtf i guess the dad is totally deaf
Midare toushirou
Sexy huge nipples
She do be peeing tho