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#197429 - 2/ I was only allowed to fuck my sister when Trudy said. I picked up Hilary on Friday and drove her to an old yard that my friend Josh no longer used, l gave her a piece of paper with what l wanted her to say while l fucked her, she looked at it and asked if she really had to say what l had written, l gave Hilary my answer by smiling at her, when we arrived l took her straight into the abandoned office where we stripped then took the opportunity to get a few more pictures of her, we began kissing and l don’t know if it was me but she seem to be willing, l didn’t have to tell her to put her arms around me when we kissed or take hold of my cock, Hilary just did it, ok she wasn’t doing it with a big grin on her face but she wasn’t lethargic either. I took Hilary back to our room and once she was inside l don’t know what come over me, but l backhanded her across the face yelling ‘l told her to swallow’ then ordered her to get dressed because l was taking her home, Hilary stood up to me a

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