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#118984 - hours later Nicky has finally done the dinner and cleaned the house. days pass with little trouble from Nicky and going to school, slowly the day arrived for our flight that morning i was awoke by my younger sister excitedly jumping on my bed like a kid in a toy shop on there birthday screaming wake up big brother we need to get ready to leave, well you do any way i'm dressed for the weather do you like it i look up at her with my vision still bouncing from the motion of the bed as it finally settles down and there she is her long blond hair let down and straightened out hanging behind her shoulders, a tight fitting bikini suit with a short jean shirt as if trying to keep some modesty, you look like your already there and of course you look great as always excitedly she kissed my cheek and jumps from my bed demanding i hurry because she does not want to miss the flight. one evening i returned home from work very happy and excited after getting the promotion

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