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#85854 - Well, she has this thing for champagne, and after about two glasses, she starts to get amorous thoughts, and I knew that very well, though Brad didn’t! When she sat down across from the sofa, I told her to come sit between us so she could see the screen, as Brad had brought a movie with him. But still, it always seemed to be in the back of my mind as too hot a fantasy to enjoy having her go ballistic while she got fucked by someone else. But that said, there were a couple of things I couldn’t help fantasizing about: One was that when we’d watch a good xxx movie, she could never get past about 5 minutes, and we’d be right in the heat of battle, making it happen in real life! What a hot pussy! That got me thinking about whether she would let me bring in another cock for her to enjoy along with us.

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Natsuo maki
Nigga look like ricegum
Ricotta elmar
Love it
Gintoki sakata
Wow very nice but is it as good as dota 2 tho
Woah thank you so much dickeriny