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#138848 - I was taken aback but knowing that i hadn't seen any action for a few months and that the girl i truly wanted was never coming my way i realised i might as well take this chance. I looked and Becca and smiled, which made her nervous i chuckled to myself and asked Fancy a game of cards? What game? she replied And why now when im about 5 seconds away from ripping your clothes off nd taking your member anyway i can? Well hows about 1 hand of poker, winner gets to control loser for the rest of the night? I suggested, Ahh i like it, you know i love being in control so, if it goes well, prepare to be my bitch for the night! So away i went dealing the cards 2 to Becca 2 to myself and 3 in the middle immediately i had 2 Ks in hand and a Q a J and an A on the flop, later I would learn Becca had an A and A 10 in her hand the turn produced an A and the river wasa 10, I asked politely realising the way hr face waslit up she must have three of a kind but when she revealed a

Read Stripping KanKoki. - Kantai collection Hymen KanKoki.

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Banri watanuki
What s his name
Im here
Todomatsu matsuno
I really like the idea of the guy starting out soft and getting hard in the girls mouth might have discovered a new kink
She fucking became a botox monster