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#399318 - So I went and loaded up my mower and weed eaters etc. My instant thought was damn little hubby ain't taking care of this at all!!! Damn what a pitty!! This seemed to go on for ever in this way and position as there beside us sat Rambo in total obedience still once in a while licking the remains of what she gave him to drink and enjoy and just turning his head about looking at us hugging and such as if saying damn I did all the work and you get the hug human!!! So I looked at her and said damn he needs a big ol' hug and thank you for doing so well for you girl!! So she just leaned over and gave him a big hug and pet him and I could see her beautiful young body shuddering and shaking as it seemed her mind was recalling in full detail what he had just done to that pussy!! Rambo just took it all in and gave her face a licking in his way of saying that was damn good bitch and i'd luv to share it with u . Although I have not said a word to her about

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