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#131241 - I wanted her to get used to anal sex so that was way I wanted a little time to train her before our date every time we had sex I would use one of the anal toys on her and then finally I asked for anal sex she said I knew that’s why you bought all of these mind you she had been making me short videos daily using these toys in her ass too ,she just rolled over asked me to use some lube and go easy . We arrived at his hotel he made some drinks we talked some more I told him how Toni and I talked and we wanted to make a video of a horny housewife her husband left for work and she needed attention so she called a friend of theirs over to service her .

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Takano morisato
Just checking if the speed is on x2 here now
Stephanie dora
Wow amazing handjob and i love the way you played with his tip