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#245569 - TO BE CONTINUED……………… Breaking Sarah’s will with my friends help part 2 As I stood outside my bedroom door I could hear my friends raping my younger sister, the cracking noise of Rowans belt as he whipped Sarah’s ass whilst breaking her hymen, Her whimpering and crying in pain, the loud fast thuds of my bed-board thumping off my wall, and my good friend John filming every moment for me to enjoy forever, I opened the door and stepped in the heat was stifling and so was the smell, body-odor and sex filled my lungs, I looked around and saw John smoking a cigarette with my camcorder pointing towards the action, he was naked and jerking off, there on my bed was Sarah ‘my little sister’ facing my head-board with her hands tied together to the railings, her hot body sweating as she jutted backwards and forwards making the bed thud and squeak, she looked traumatized and was still crying as her teeth gritted into the wank rag I had forced into her mouth, it was helping her to deal with the

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