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#214592 - ! Jesus, lover, you are the BEST shag EVER…nobody, but nobody, makes me feel like you do. “And it’s ALL your own fault, coming in here with that gorgeous, warm juicy cunt smelling as heavenly as it does…We haven’t cum for three whole days, now; can you honestly blame us for getting long & thick & hard?” “I guess not”, said little Gina, whose pussy, by this time, was getting so juicy it was starting to leak out and trickle down the inside of her shapely thighs. He lowered his muzzle to the horny little mare’s pussy, and lovingly whickered as he gently licked and teased her clitty with his tongue, inhaling the aroma of well-fucked cunt and horse semen, and licking up the delicious mixture as it flowed out of her hole, and ran down the crack of her buttocks… “Oh, WOW, Blackie; Christ, sweetie that was fuck-ing in-cred-i-ble; Mmmm, corrrr.

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Rei sakuma
So sensual and sexy i love that