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#13681 - The shower was great, it was a big walk in one that would fit about 4 people, with see through side panels, it also had about 6 jets coming out of the wall aiming at your upper body as we as the main shower overhead, I was in about 10 minutes when Jill walked into the bathroom saying she needed to go pee. “I have wanted to be alone with you all day” “And I have wanted to be with you as well” With that we kissed, after a couple of minutes I broke the kiss and asked about John coming up to the room, her replay was that he was eyeing up the staff and a fee other wedding guess’s and won’t be anywhere near the room. Boy did it fell as good as I remember it did.

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Shino ookouchi
I love this so much
Kiyoko shimatani
I could watch this all day fuck ur pussy so cute and ur hands r prettyyy