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#80994 - I unlock the door and go inside, I dump my bags on the bed and lock the door behind me, I quickly unpack and head for the shower, after my shower I slip into boxers and fall down on the bed, thinking that I’d eat something later on. She props herself up on her arms, places her arms across my chest and rest her head on my arms, she smiles one of those dreamy smiles of her and I can feel my heart melting already “Do you really have to go?” I run my fingers through her hair “Yes my dear I really got to go, I still have a lot of things to see and places to go” She sighs softly and looks at me with absolute sadness in her eyes “I won’t see you again will I?” I chuckle softly “Well if there is a special request I will try and organize to fly back from Miami” She shoots me and accusing look “You damn well know I’ll want that, why are you so mean to me?” I run my fingers through her hair “Awwww is Jens upset with me?” She closes her eyes and rests her head

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