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#395973 - Jason is so lucky!!! So when Otis drove Jason home, it of course was Otis's home, NOT Jason's!!! Jason protested, but they fell of deaf ears, Otis had ONE thing on his mind, and it was Jason's white ass!!! He pressured him into the house promising that he had jumper cables inside, and pressured him into his room, then he locked the door He was so aggressive, big, and strong that Jason's little white ass couldn't do shit!!! He made Jason take all his clothes off, and then Otis's big black hands were ALL OVER Jason's naked,. until Jason accepted his female role, and began actively participating, by getting good a giving head, learning to like the taste of black dick in his mouth, being inseminated by a black man SO MANY TIMES, in both his mouth and white ass, that there was NO GOING BACK, and by ridding cock, like a little white cow girl as Otis called it. cornering everywhere he went pressuring him for sex.

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Yamanbagiri kunihiro
Nice job guy like that
Guy cecil
Who is the blonde girl tied up in the beginning
Io nitta
Hot woman
Cynthia lane
Your dreams are pretty pathetic