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#88588 - He stops Infront of a house, she's been here before, she knows whats going to happen, she starts crying and begging him not to do this, she doesnt want to, she tries to get away, but he catches her and stamps on her foot, Stop It, he yells. David gets up and quietly says to Jim, turn over let me get at her arse man, They laugh cruelly, and Jim flips onto his back, as she comes up onto his dick It slips in even further and she lets out a moan, she's crying she doesnt want this, David pushes her down so she's layin on Jim and starts tonguing her arse Jims arms wrap around her as she trying to get upm she knows whats coming and starts getting hysterical trying to move, David stands behind her and Just rams Into her arse fast and hard, she lets out a scream and Jay Jams his dick back Into her mouth, he holds her head and starts fucking her mouth, Mick and luke feeling left out, take her hands, rub our cocks bitch, she knows now she Isnt getting away and slowly starts mov

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